Posted on: November 15, 2009 1:08 am

you know what pisses me off

whoever the fuck it was that thought it was a smart idea to have the backspace button act as a go back to the previous page button. are you fucking braindead? especially on a website where typing shit is the main focus of the site. so, i sit here and type this elaborate response on a thread, taking a good 15 mins of my time to get to where i was, and i go to delete a misspelled word, and it takes me back to the thread, deleting the whole response. gee, thank you PC. how can anyone possibly justify using the backspace button as a previous page button? really, it seems like it was only done as a sick joke. i literally came within an impulse of throwing this laptop threw a window due to it. fuckin a its bullshit.
Posted on: November 8, 2009 4:48 am

you know what pisses me off

this god dam site. yea, my fucking ass we can say what we want within reason. the moment you say something that Tsar CBS does not like, the site starts to have "problems". bullshit, its all fucking bullshit. how fucking complicated is it to create a basic text entry system? its been around for over 3 fucking decades, and in terms of internet life since 199 fucking 3 you douchebags. dont fucking come up with this BS about "site errors" cause it only happens when someone with half a fucking brain says something witty. what the fuck are you possibly afraid of, the dumb retards here wont fucking understand what we say anyways so why censor us? you do realize that when you sugar coat shit for everyone, you will eventually create a freak faction of existence in this country of people that would fear the rath of god so much as they lay down one single fucking fart. do you really want those people voting? actually using their right to do so to dictate how we run shit despite the fact that the dont even know what the fuck aids is or what the fuck a mexican is. when you dumb shit down for people, and make it sweet and innocent, it not only makes us normal freaks sick to our stomach, you are also knocking us back ten years of harsh reality and cynicism that we earn by living in the real fucking world. i mean really, dont you think if a lion could talk, he be screaming at the top of his lungs "i run this shit, so bitch get over here and suck my cock". why? cause hes a fucking lion, king of the fucking jungle dam it. he has a whole pack of women there to do ALL the work. theres this type of shit going on in this world, and i cant even say the word fuck without you holding me up with infinite fucking loading cause you are offended. suck my balls. watch, this doesnt post
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Posted on: August 17, 2009 1:28 pm

Pre-season football tonight

So tonight starts preseason for the Dolphins tonight. Alot of people say that the preseason isnt really worth watching; that it has no rellevance to the regular season. Honestly though, preseason is most really about seeing how your new draft picks look on the field. thats it really. im just sayin...

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