Tag:retard nerds
Posted on: November 15, 2009 1:08 am

you know what pisses me off

whoever the fuck it was that thought it was a smart idea to have the backspace button act as a go back to the previous page button. are you fucking braindead? especially on a website where typing shit is the main focus of the site. so, i sit here and type this elaborate response on a thread, taking a good 15 mins of my time to get to where i was, and i go to delete a misspelled word, and it takes me back to the thread, deleting the whole response. gee, thank you PC. how can anyone possibly justify using the backspace button as a previous page button? really, it seems like it was only done as a sick joke. i literally came within an impulse of throwing this laptop threw a window due to it. fuckin a its bullshit.
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